August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

A Look Back at BronyCAN 2013

As we move into planning BronyCAN 2014, the convention staff would like to reflect upon the moments that made our first year so special to us and our guests. Our first year hosted 850 attendees who came to meet the show guests, dress up as their favorite pony character, participate in panels and contests, buy sweet merch from the vendor hall, and celebrate their enjoyment of the show and community that has brought us all together. We hope that attendees from BronyCAN 2013 will have their own fond memories to share with a few spotlights presented here, and that new guests can see what they can expect to find next year at BronyCAN 2014.

VIP Spotlights

With BronyCAN located in the same city where Friendship is Magic is produced, we were poised to have a great line-up of show guests for our inaugural convention! Our guests of honor included Andrea Libman (voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), Tabitha St. Germain (voice of Rarity, Princess Luna, and Mrs. Cake), Lee Tockar (voice of Snips, Steven Magnet, Spot), Claire Corlett (voice of Sweetie Belle), and Nicole Gauss (character designer on Season 1). Additionally, BronyCAN was honored to have voice actors Rebecca Shoichet (singing voice of Twilight Sparkle and voice of Sunset Shimmer) and Vincent Tong (voice of Prince Blueblood, Donut Joe, and Flash Sentry) attending as their first ever MLP fan convention! Our guests could be found almost anywhere around the convention, from main stage events where they hosted Q&A sessions and ran a voice acting competition, to the autograph room where attendees could have the opportunity to chat with them, and participating in numerous fan-run panels.

Awesome Cosplay

As with many fan conventions, dedicated cosplay enthusiasts were out in full force at BronyCAN 2013. From amateurs wanting to express their love of the show and its characters to professional costume makers, we saw all sorts of individual and group cosplays at the convention. A few of the many glamour shots taken around the convention can be found here:

Surprise Media Visits

We didn’t just have Everfree Network and Ponyville Live record at the con–two of Canada’s major news outlets dropped by! Reporters from both CTV and CBC brought their cameras and mics to perform interviews, capture the events around them, and give a better understanding of what the brony community is about.

Footage from both outlets not only spread across Canada, it crossed the border to local news programs across America, from our neighbors in Seattle all the way to Dothan, Alabama. Suffice to say, the success of BronyCAN spread much further than any of us would ever have anticipated.

Check out CBC’s article and video broadcast here!

Magical Acts of Friendship

So many people on BronyCAN staff dedicated their free time and energy to helping plan and run this first convention, if we were to thank every single staffer the list would take up a great deal of space. BronyCAN has been a long time in the making, but we’d like to point out that a number of attendees took the time to join up with the BronyCAN volunteers on-site and really helped our convention run smoothly. We would also like to thank our head of the charity auction, Nathan Drake, as well as special guest Lee Tockar for planning and running the BronyCAN charity auction event, which raised over $8500 for the B.C. Children’s Hospital. We’re grateful for the support of so many groups and individuals who contributed their efforts to making BronyCAN 2013 so successful, and will strive to work in making BronyCAN 2014 an even better experience for everyone!

Heroic Saves

We had almost 850 attendees join us in 2013, much more than we anticipated! …and apparently way more than the registry system could handle. After so many check-ins and purchases, the whole system ground to a halt, leaving the reg staff in a serious bind and some attendees waiting to grab their badges. Fortunately for us, we had one of the most tech-savvy bronies on standby. Feld0, head of Poniverse Networks, diagnosed the problem and got the reg system back in service within half an hour. It’s be hard to imagine how long it would’ve taken to get it back online without this fine young fellow.

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