August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

Charity Auction – Eversafe Ranch

Eversafe Ranch


Last year during our very first charity auction, BronyCAN raised over $CAN 8000 that went towards BC Children’s Hospital. We intend to do an even better job of raising money towards supporting local charities that provide a public good to the community. Our charity of choice this year is Eversafe Ranch, a privately-funded charity run by Judy and Alan Daser in Surrey, B.C.. They support families in need by providing food, furniture and other resources where and when they’re needed, as well as supplying kids with stuff like christmas gifts and such.

TJudy and Alan Daserheir side project, Doolittle’s Animal Rescue, “help animals find homes, who due to unforeseen circumstances, can no longer be kept by their owners. Their aim is to keep animals out of the local kill shelters and find loving forever homes for them.”

Through our charity auction, which is set for August 23rd (Saturday) at 10am, we intend to raise money to help them purchase a 22-seat bus to safely transport the families that they help during holiday dinners, events, and to help get around. We are happily accepting items to be put up for auction, so if you would like to donate an item to help towards this good cause, please send an email to for details on what to do.

Closer to the convention, we’ll display some of the available charity auction items here to whet your appetite. We hope you’ll all come together in the truest brony spirit and help buy our friends that bus!

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