August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

MLP CCG Tournament

For avid players and beginners alike, come take part in this weekend-long tournament of the wildly-popular MLP Collectible Card Game, sponsored by Connection Games! Please purchase a spot through our registration system if you haven’t already, and have a chance at winning prizes like BronyCAN-themed play mats and swag, card gaming accessories, and most of all, this exquisite trophy designed by the talented ViiStar!

BronyCAN 2014 CCG Tournament Guidelines

Match Structure

Matches during Swiss rounds will consist of a single “First-to-15″ game. There will be a 25 minute time limit on each match. After 25 minutes, the player whose turn it is finishes their turn, then each player receives a final complete turn. After the final turns are complete, the player with the highest score is considered the winner. If the score is still tied at this point, the match ends in a draw.

Matches during the Single-Elimination rounds will not be timed, but players are still expected to play at a reasonable pace.


All of the players that reach the top cut elimination tournament will win exclusive prizes like our first prize tournament trophy! In addition, players the advance throughout the top cut tournament will have the chance at more prizes.

Deck Guidelines

The following guidelines will be in place for all competitors regarding their deck.


All competitors will be required to prove a decklist. Competitors will only be allowed to use cards listed in their decklist.

Draw Deck Limit

At this tournament, a maximum of 60 cards will be imposed on all players’ draw deck. In order to help the organizers and judges at the tournament.

Side Deck

Enter-Play officially stated there will be no side decks permitted. This will be in effect at the tournament.

Proxy Cards

In order to ensure fair play, player may not use cards as a proxy to represent a card other than the actual card. A judge may issue a proxy to a player’s deck in the ever that the cards are damaged during the tournament.

Marked Cards

It is recommended players ensure that all cards in their deck are in good condition for the tournament. In tournaments, cards the are damaged are treated as marked cards. Players using marked cards are considered to be cheating. We would recommend to all players to use protective sleeves to decrease the chances of cards becoming marked.

In the event that a card becomes damaged during a tournament, at tournament judge should be contacted immediately.

Fake Cards

Players are only allowed to use genuine My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game cards issued by Enter-Play. Any ‘made up’ reproductions, and/or counterfeit cards are considered fake. Players using fake cards are considered to be cheating.


Sleeves are not required for this event unless a player’s deck contains cards that, through repeated use or alteration, are able to be distinguished from the other cards in their deck when face-down.

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