August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

BronyCAN 2014 is one week away, and we’ve got some exciting news to share in the meantime! We’re always happy to welcome show staff who have yet to attend a fan convention as a guest of honor, so it brings us great pleasure to welcome Vancouver actress Veena Sood, who voices the impeccable Ms. Harshwhinny, to BronyCAN! She will be joining our current line-up of voice actors and DHX staff to talk about her experiences on the show, answer your questions, and sign autographs throughout the weekend!

We would also like to showcase one of our panels in particular, with the creators of the fan-created video game Horse Game being present to talk about their project. At 3PM, Aug. 23, lead developer Ben Cracknell and his team will explain how they intend to bring a game with a full single-player adventure and a multiplayer arena mode to the community. During the panel they will showcase gameplay, detail the development process, and explain their goals for where this project will lead.

Pre-registration closes tonight at midnight, so please purchase your passes now to save money and time at the convention! We look forward to seeing all our friends at BronyCAN, and will make sure that everyone has a great time in Vancouver, BC!

There are less than 30 days before BronyCAN arrives, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished adding exciting new events and guests to our show! We are excited to announce that veteran voice actors Andrew Francis (Shining Armor), Sam Vincent (Flim), and Richard Ian Cox (Snails) will be attending BronyCAN as our latest guests of honor! This talented trio will be hosting a panel about a new film they are collaborating on, titled Last Night in Suburbia, and be present on Saturday to meet their fans (i.e. you!) and sign autographs.

The panel will take place at 3-4PM on Saturday (Aug. 23). Check below for a description of what’s in store!

Last Night in Suburbia is a film in pre-production, being produced by Sam Vincent, written and directed by Richard Cox and co-produced by Andrew Francis. Ashleigh Ball is also chipping in by producing and contributing vocals to the soundtrack. Sam, Richard and Andrew will be giving us the lowdown on their newest project and answering some questions along the way. The film is about a close group of friends who are separating after summer holidays and are spending their last night together at a house party (Pinkie Pie is jealous already). Join us as we learn about their collaborative effort that will be filming this September!

KoraKosickaBronyCAN is pleased to have another talented member of DHX Media attending as one of our guests of honor! Please give a warm welcome to artist and character designer, Kora Kosicka!

Kora is a children’s media illustrator who primarily works in character and toy design; her background includes design work for Disney Canada, DHX Media, and Hasbro Studios. She is currently the character designer on Season 5, and her other MLP credits include character design for Season 3, and initial concept art for Equestria Girls. Kora is also the character designer for seasons 1-3 of LPS.

We’re so glad to have so many show staff who have contributed to the show’s direction, art, and music! Buy your passes now with just a month before BronyCAN begins to save on at-door prices, and there are still many VIP dinner tickets left! And if you’re interested in the MLP CCG at all, check out what the tournament champion will win!  The Prize

BrentHodgesBronyCAN is happy to announce that Brent Hodge, director of A Brony Tale, will be attending BronyCAN 2014 to talk about his hit documentary! A Brony Tale, starring voice actress Ashleigh Ball and featuring numerous community figures,is the latest documentary film on the brony phenomenon that has been screened across the world and is set for a theatrical release on July 8th! A special panel where he will greet the attendees and answer your questions will take place on Friday, August 22nd.

Nicole Oliver

Whether you’d like to give a courteous bow or applaud wildly for our latest guest of honor, we know you’ll be as thrilled as we are to welcome Nicole Oliver, the loving voice behind everyone’s favorite princess of the sun and Ponyville schoolteacher! This talented woman is ready to share the spotlight with our very own princess of Canada! With the threat of a Changeling takeover looming over us this year, her presence will most definitely be appreciated!

Nicole Oliver has worked for over twenty years in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and director. Ms. Oliver has been nominated by her peers for several Leo Awards for her work on both the small and big screen and just recently won the UBCP/ACTRA award for Best Voice for her work in animation. She is the recipient of both the Founders Award for leadership and sustainability and the Chancellors Award for highest academic achievement. The multifaceted Ms. Oliver is in high demand in the television, feature film, animation, video games and more. She has provided her voice-over expertise to innumerable animation programs such as Littlest Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake and the Barbie franchise, though fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic know her best for her roles as Princess Celestia and Cheerilee.


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