August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

Press and Media Policy

BronyCAN provides Press Badges for approved organisations that provide media or news coverage in the forms of, but not limited to: printed media, television and radio, internet news and  convention coverage. We encourage organisations that fit this description to read through the entirety of this media policy and submit an application to our media department.

Press Badges provide complimentary Standard weekend pass level entry into the events, programming, and venue provided by BronyCAN for the authorised individuals for whom the passes are granted and the Press Badge must be displayed at all times when in the convention venue or interacting with attendees, staff, or guests of honour. The passes also grant the ability to request and record interviews with the attendees, staff, and guests of honour (with approval), however, all individuals reserve the right to deny an interview request.

Interview requests for guests of honour must be submitted to the media department at least week prior to the convention and approved before the interview is granted. Interviews with guests of honour can be no longer than 30 minutes. Only attendees with an official BronyCAN Press Badge are allowed to request interviews with other attendees, staff, or guests of honour.

A dedicated interview room will be provided by BronyCAN for approved organisations to use. A member of the BronyCAN staff must be present in the room during all interviews and the room will be scheduled in dedicated 1 hour intervals for exclusive use. Room scheduling shall be done through requests to the media department.

Filming and media coverage will not be allowed in the Vendors Hall, Autographs Room, Childrens Events Room, nor in any private, or staff or VIP only areas.

Organisations that have been granted Press Badges are expected to represent themselves and BronyCAN in a professional manner, with a high standard of quality. Organisations are also required to uphold and expected to go beyond the letter of the law with all BronyCAN policies to set a good example for other organisations and attendees at the con.

BronyCAN reserves the right to request the removal of published content that violates existing legal agreements or was requested by the subject(s) to not be captured.

BronyCAN reserves the right to revoke an organisation’s entire or individual Press Badges for any reason, and, depending on the circumstances, may revoke an organisation’s ability to attend BronyCAN in full. Reasons for revocation include, but aren’t limited to, requesting interviews from guests of honour or their agents directly, filming in restricted areas, refusing to respect an individual’s rights to refuse an interview or unprofessional or disorderly conduct.

Organisations must provide the names of their staff that will be attending the convention and under no circumstances will transfers to other names be done at the convention. Organisations needing to change their staff roster must email at least one week before the convention and have the request approved.

Any questions or clarifications about these policies can be directed to


Organisations looking to apply for a Press Badge at BronyCAN must email with the following information:

Organisation name:

Organisation website:

Description of organisation and plans for Press Badge use:

Proof of affiliation with organisation:

Number of Press Badges requested:

Real and Fan names (where applicable) of organisation representatives obtaining passes:
Organisations may be required to show proof of significant viewership before being granted Press Badges. BronyCAN reserves the right to accept or deny applications for any reason.

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