August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

BronyCAN Staff

A convention takes way more than one person to plan. Hey, even ten people isn’t enough! That’s why we need your help! Many departments such as guest relations, A/V, attendee relations, art, programming, and logistics still require more volunteers. If lending a hand is your forte, feel free to send in an application below using our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We really appreciate all the help we can get!

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Our volunteer staff have come from all walks of life, united by our love of the show and our passion for putting together a great experience at BronyCAN 2014. Here are the fine folks that help make sure the show runs great!


Silvershock Nicktail

Silvershock Nicktail Chairman of BronyCAN

Our rodent friend Silver was born in the dark grey of the Old World, where he survived on the morsels of happiness provided by a lifetime spent devouring cartoons, reading science fiction and playing an inconceivable amount of laser tag. At long last he escaped his homeland and fled west. Having shaken off his feral roots, Silver made his way to Vancouver, where he was rescued and taken in by the local furry and brony communities, and made many a friend.

By chance, he stumbled into the Vancouver convention scene, where he tries his best to give back to the people that welcomed him. As such he is our current chairman, dedicated to bringing the love, joy and extreme silliness of the My Little Pony fandom to Richmond for a second year.

An obscure mix of computer nerd and light-gun for hire, Silver can often be found in the area’s arcades, training to face his Time Crisis rivals, or causing chaos with his fellow bronies at the local mall. @nicktail

Tabatha Hughes

Tabatha Hughes Vice Chair & Head of Programming

Tabatha was born and raised here in Vancouver but was relocated to Saskatchewan for her formidable years. She is now back in the lower main land with her significant other and creator of BronyCAN, Jay ‘Regen’ Weiland. Tabatha was a late bloomer in the MLP fandom watching her first episode the spring of 2013. On that note, she didn’t know what a brony was until Jay came along. Last year her contributions were mostly behind the scenes due to her shaky legs in the fandom. This year she has taken on the task of programming and most recently vice chair. How Silver Nicktail got her on board with that is another story entirely. Speaking of stories, Tabatha’s off-duty activities include writing, gaming and cooking. Last year her notable success was the VIP dinner and this year she looks forward to the fan fiction panels and creative writing panels.


Andrew "Jay" Weiland

Andrew ‘Jay’ Weiland Executive Director/Founder

Jay grew up in the vast prairie of Saskatchewan, but moved out to Vancouver after the convention last year. This 28 year old watches over the con and reminds people to brush their teeth and stay indoors. He’s in charge all of the technically business-y stuff that goes along with running a convention. He founded the convention last year, and assembled a team all over Skype from the middle of nowhere.  If you see him at the convention, definitely come say hi!  He loves hearing about stories of the convention.  When he’s not thinking of ponies, he is gaming out, shining lasers at things, or hoping it rains. Jay’s Weakness: Sugar. No, really. @x2f01


Gizmo Head of Registration

Design and Publications

Andrew Hayes

Andrew Hayes Head of Publications

Originally from San Diego, this vector artist made his mark after living in B.C. for the past seven years, producing top-quality vectors from works of well known artists such as AleximusPrime, Garrett Gilchrist, and even our esteemed guest Nicole Gauss! As last year’s art head, he put together the con book all the way from scratch (which is harder than it looks). Back again as BronyCAN’s publications lead, not only is he producing the con book, but helping give Apricity and the Provincial Ponies some time in the spotlight on our Tumblr! Whether he’s keeping his town running in Animal Crossing or denying the point with a sentry gun, you can expect this hot-headed brute to make you smile with the best he’s got.


Soulscape Art Director

As a professional illustrator, Soulscape ensures consistent quality in spearheading the final IndieGogo art rewards and bringing you this year’s theme’s visuals. More of her art can be found at

Guest Relations


Kristie Bush Head of Guest Relations

Just a hop across the pond lives the most feared creature in all of the Vanhoover area. The island is a perfect secret base away from the hussle and bussle of the city, it’s just butts when it is time to buck up the cash to ride the ferry. Rabbitsaur, also known as Kristie Bush, is the bunny in charge of herding up all of the wonderful convention guests.

She’s all ears as her two managers of Community and Music guests help her bring all the excitement and wonder to BronyCAN.All three work as a team while specializing in their area to help get the best for both attendees and con guests. Often she can also be found as the back catcher on the art team where she lends her creative talents to help get artwork done when no one else can.

Rabbitasaur spends a lot of time working on her jack-of-all-trades art skills and often doesn’t let a day go by without making some kind of art. @Rabbitasaur


Forest Rain Head of Musician Relations

Forest Rain is a fandom musician who has been creating Brony music since January 2012. His work ranges from alternative to orchestral and pop. He is the creator and producer of “The Massive Smile Project” and founder of He is currently working as a songwriter on the fan-made feature-length film “Journey of the Spark”, and is one of the hosts of Everfree Network’s “Elements of Harmony”, a show featuring interviews with brony musicians and discussions about fan music. He is acting as musician relations for BronyCAN this year. @ForestRainMedia


GhostSonic Head of Community Guests

Residing much further south from Vanhoover, GhostSonic is a Southern Californian resident who has decided that it is his duty to help his Canadian friends in the north. Despite his residence in SoCal, GhostSonic is still a frequent visitor to British Columbia. When he’s not spreading some kind of canadian propaganda, GhostSonic can be found working on one of his many hobbies, usually involving some kind of computer thing,  as well as providing assistance to Rabbitasuar of Guest Relations by managing Community Guests. As Community Guest Manager, GhostSonic wishes to provide the fun to the talented members of our community and our wonderful attendees alike.


Spike Lestus

Skeleton Umbrella Music Events Coordinator

Skeleton Umbrella is a loud talking, hyperactive Brony musician that has been playing guitar for over ten years and has been playing bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, and harmonica for nearly as long.  His musical influences are primarily Punk and Classic Rock (although he’s game for any genre). He keeps warm on the cold Alberta prairies by supporting the local music scene and will often stir up Pinkie style mosh pits at Punk shows. When not rockin’ out, you’ll often find him at the skate park or the streets going fast and getting rad on his BMX. Skeleton Umbrella is BronyCAN’s Music Events Coordinator, which means he’s the fun loving dirt bag in charge of throwing together all pony themed musical antics at the convention… How he got that job, we’re not quite sure.


Hotel Director

Jay ‘Spectrum Flash’ Doran Hotel Liaison

Originally from the UK, Jay moved first to the Bay Area of California in 1997, and cut his teeth with staffing conventions helping out with registration at a convention in Albany, NY in 1998. From then it was a slippery slope downhill with helping out at a new convention that was going to be held in the Bay Area in 1999, then as the Assistant Vendor Room manager, before taking the lead in that position in 2001. By 2003 he was on the convention committee, and in 2004 vice-chaired that convention. During that year, he moved north to Vancouver, but still retained his involvement with that convention, and eventually chaired it in 2009. While new to BronyCAN this year, he is not new to Brony conventions, having been a liaison for guests at Everfree NorthWest in 2012 and then running the entire Guest Relations department from 2013-14. @SpectrumFlash

Vendor Room


Waffles Head of Vendor Room

Hailing (err, raining?) from Vanhoover, Waffles has been part of the Brony community since early 2012. Since then, he’s become very involved with the local brony group, and helped plan their various events. Being a magician, he likes friendship, magic, and pancakes (wat). Waffles temporarily lives on the dark side of Vanhoover Island, since he was ruthlessly banished by Princess Afion many (two) years ago. Now, it’s time to come back and get his revenge.



Skye Head of Charity

Skye (also known by Nate) is one of the youngest members of the BronyCAN team, but after last year’s highly successful Charity Auction that rose over $8,500 for the BC Children’s Hospital, they’re back in full force and ready to work hard to do their best and have another great year!
A big believer in generosity, Skye leads the BronyCAN Charity Auction Department to bring you the biggest and bestest in pony auctions! Come out to the event to bid on all sorts of awesome, rare, or even one-of-a-kind items! All proceeds will be going to Eversafe Ranch, a privately-funded charity run by Judy and Alan Daser in Surrey, B.C. @candyg0re

IT and Ops


Lupon Head of Audio/Visual

Lupon started working in A/V at Everfree NW 2012. Since then he has volunteered (and sometimes been pulled into!) helping run A/V at various conventions, and has built up a passion for working with all things tech, sound, and lighting.


Feld0 Head of IT

Feld0 found his cutie mark in coding when he realized that throwing code at the wall was the only way to make, a site just for pony music, a reality. One short year later, he’s putting out server fires for BronyCAN, founded Poniverse to encompass an ever-growing repertoire of pony fan projects, and is pursuing a computer science degree at the University of British Columbia. Inspired by the improvements software has made to civilization and our way of life, he wants nothing more than to make the world a better place, one line of code at a time. @Feld0

Princess Afion Head of Logistics

Princess Afion runs the local BC Bronies group, both as a way to celebrate the show and as a way to promote his unique style of artwork. He has been excommunicated from Canterlot after multiple attempts to annex Ponyville into a new Equestrian Socialist Union. His proclamations should not be considered royally binding, though ponies are free to request decisions from him regarding local matters…at your own risk.


Aphinity Head of Con Operations

Having run conventions since 2006, North-Vancouver native “Phin” has helped in and run nearly every department of fandom conventions.  An experienced costumer and pro mascot performer, and a glutton for punishment, he takes on nearly any role requested of him and enjoys getting thrown into the thick of things to sort them out.  He has this wonderful convention to thank for his new found Pony obsession and insists a man can never, ever, have enough Rainbow Dash merch.  This is his second year as Operations Lead and he looks forward to continuing to provide the best team possible at the convention to get everything working and running as the chairman and execs wish it to be.  This year will DEFINITELY be 20% cooler.

Attendee Relations

Salem Tales Head of Attendees Relations

Born and raised in the rainy hills just outside Vanhoover, Salem has only recently stumbled into the lime light of the convention scene. As a braggart, party pony and lay about, Salem spends most of his time trying to find a way to cover the costs of his next adventure, all while trying to pursue his dream of becoming and a Manehatten Best Seller and a household name in the writing community. (It’s not going too well) As a former captain of Princess Afion’s Socialist Guard, Salem left the service after an unfortunate incident involving copious amounts of vodka and his majesty’s hooves, only recently taking up his helmet again for Princess Apricity’s visit. 

Public Relations

Andrew Ho Head of Public Relations

Hailing from the balmy Southeast U.S, Andrew now makes his home in the Pacific Northwest to contend with the especially unfamiliar elements and the turbulent nature of the game development industry. He’s become quite involved with a number of fan conventions in the area and makes it a point to volunteer at whatever convention, festival, and hootenanny comes along.


Angela Li Deputy of Public Relations

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Angela (better known as Ponyzilla on some sites) developed her love for ponies in late 2012. Being one of the youngest on the staff, Angela secretly takes pride in her youthfulness. Outside of the pony fandom, Angela also enjoys all things Japanese and spends her time either reading or translating manga (Japanese graphic novels). Angela is quite new to the convention scene, but she is very pumped up for BronyCAN 2014 (especially after having a blast volunteering in 2013).



Tylor “LordV” Froese Media Liaison

Tylor is a recent Software Systems Engineering graduate with a love for ponies. He’s a developer at heart and is helping out with the IT side of BronyCAN for the second year in a row while he maintains his site Now that he’s graduated he’s kicking it into gear, trying to even move out to Vancouver so he can help out with the con even more (and live in the awesome city too). If you see him at the con he’ll probably be running around trying to help out where he can while taking as many pictures as he can.

Social Media