August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC

British Columbia Infiltrated by Changelings

This message was recently delivered to BronyCAN by a scribe attached to the royal palace. It is presented here unedited, as we believe it concerns ponyfolk everywhere.

From the desk of Princess Apricity, our Northern Light.

My dearest subjects, I come to you with grave news, and a request; I hope that you will heed both. I know my people are resilient, and we have little time to act, so I will keep this short. By some yet-unknown method, a changeling force has invaded British Columbia.

I received this news two days ago from Little Island and our northern scouts. The changelings are moving east and south from an origin point somewhere near Juneau, in the high north-west of the province. Fortunately, they were detected before they could reach a large enough population to fully integrate their numbers. I am returning from Equestria to combat this threat, and I have asked my ambassadors in the other provinces for their assistance, though it may take more than that to stand against them.

The province is large, and the world around it larger, but the final target of the changeling advance is without question the city of Vancouver and her sisters. This area is where the boundary between this world and Equestria was first breached, and where the first Canadian celebrations of our culture arose. Infiltrating that space, or controlling it, would give the changelings access to a constant stream of what they require to survive and grow; the affections of the innocent.

I call upon all our human brethren, both near and far, to come to BronyCAN and stand with us against this incursion. If we cannot hold back the changelings, or if their disguises allow them to slip through before we are ready, then BronyCAN may be our final opportunity to defeat them. The power of love has bested them before, and I am confident that the combined love and friendship of so many in one place will turn them back again. If we fail, both worlds may be at risk.

HRH Princess Apricity of Canada

What does this mean for you?

We at BronyCAN are confident that by the time the convention arrives, the changeling force will have been soundly routed. In the true spirit of Pinkie Pie, we will mock the fear the changelings represent by hosting events themed around the attempted attack.

Cosplay Competition

There will be prizes available for the best cosplay in the following areas:

  1. Changeling
  2. Changeling/pony hybrid (partial transformation)
  3. Royal guard or Equestrian military
  4. Princess Apricity herself

More events will be listed here as they are created.

Please note: if the incident is still ongoing during BronyCAN 2014, all attendees may be subject to changeling screenings to ensure that no infiltrators are present. Screenings will be carried out by unicorns from the Royal College of Magics. BronyCAN cannot accept responsibility for the safety of attendees targeted by changeling infiltration attempts.

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