August 22-24 2014 | Richmond, BC


Vendor Information

Notice: As of this time, the Vendor Hall is full. Thank you for everyone who applied, we look forward to seeing you at BronyCAN 2014!

BronyCAN welcomes all vendors and artists who’d like to sell their wares and artwork at our convention! Buying a table and pass for our vendor’s hall this year means crowds of fellow MLP fans will be perusing through your merchandise, arts, crafts and others items you’d like to put up for purchase!

BronyCAN respects the variety of fan-created artwork and creative expression, but reminds all vendors that BronyCAN 2014 is an event intended for attendees of all ages to enjoy. As a result, we will be adhering to a strict ‘PG’ limit on all activities, panels, and artwork that is presented at the convention. Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to: violent imagery and excessive depiction of gore, sexual content, offensive language, drug use, and overly suggestive pin-ups. Vendors are free to contact BronyCAN staff about whether or not certain merchandise and imagery is allowed at the convention ahead of time, but willful and direct violations of these guidelines will bring penalties that can go as far as expulsion from the vendor hall and convention.

Please email us at for any questions you might have about registration, set-up, allowed content, and tax law compliance.

Vendor List and Layout

Below you’ll find information about which vendors will be attending BronyCAN, and their location within the vendor hall.

Vendor Hall hours are: Friday: 12PM-8PM, Saturday: 10AM-6PM, Sunday: 9AM-5PM



Table # 1: Drawponies
Table # 2 & 3: Soulscape
Table # 4: Onnanoko
Table # 5: Raikissu
Table # 6: Sen5
Table # 7: Tsitra360
Table # 8a: Britt-Nya
Table # 8b: Pegasus Prototyping
Table # 9a: Cam S
Table # 9b: TGDHamster
Table # 10a: WhatCritter
Table # 10b: CrusaderVX
Table # 11 & 26: Tenshi Hobby
Table # 12: The Littlest Gift Boutique
Table # 13: Core Games
Table # 14: Ashley Nichols
Table # 15: Ask Princess Moon
Table # 16: Golden Yarn
Table # 17: Squidhop
Table # 18 & 19: Sugarclay Cafe
Table # 20: Blu Pixie
Table # 21: Riven’s Vagaries
Table # 22: Rainbowchaser
Table # 23: Baka Tatsu Design
Table # 24: Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder
Table # 25: LeekFish
Table # 27: Amy Mebberson
Table # 28: Nicole Gauss
Table # 29: LongChanPuy & Waffle Wishes
Table # 30: Dragon Paw Lady

Outside the Vendor Hall

In addition to the vendors contained within our main vendor hall, a number of other organisations have come to help support the convention, as well as advertise their own events:

Conventions – Located just outside the vendor hall

Everfree Northwest
Northwest FanFest

Connection Games – Special Attendance

The staff of The Connection Games & Comics in Vancouver have kindly agreed to come and assist us in running our CCG tournament. They’ll be stationed in the Tivoli’s II panel room, selling lots of official My Little Pony merchandise, and running intro games for attendees who haven’t had chance to play before. They’ve also kindly donated an exclusive foil Cloud Chaser CCG card to our charity auction, so keep your eyes out for a chance to bid on that rare gem! Our thanks to them for helping us run our first ever tournament.

BronyCAN Con Store

This year the BronyCAN con store will be located in the main lobby, next to the main theatre entrance. You’ll also be able to pick up ear plugs from this location for the concert and dance. We’ll be selling official BronyCAN shirts, pins, posters and more, so come check us out!

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